edgehill 2012

29 11 2011

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Mission Memories

3 08 2011

The Final Frontier

3 08 2011

On Tuesday of camp we spent a fun afternoon running round Bideford with plenty of tin foil and some cameras.

This is the result, premiered last Friday at ‘The Final Frontier’ to rave reviews:

‘Gritty Realism’ The Exmoor Times

‘Gripping Drama’ The North Devon Chronicle

‘Go and See it’  The Appledore Post  

Go on!

Mission Successfully Completed

2 08 2011

We’ve re-entered earth’s atmosphere after our week’s mission. We’ll hope to post some of the great memories up here over the next week. But for now let us share this:  

Our ‘old friends’ the Andersons sent us this transmission while we were in orbit.

But since then Olga has given birth to another astronaut – Jonah!


Leaders’ Training Event 2011

10 05 2011

Preparations are hotting up as we head off to CPAS HQ for Leaders’ Training this weekend!

The Reunion and You(tube)

22 01 2011


It was a great reunion (getting Back to the Outback) and the Adverts we made for edgehill 2011 are superb. Check them out here. Vote for your favourite!

Check out our new youtube channel too!

2011: Space Odyssey

10 01 2011